Kobik consults provides the following Project Management services:

  1. Project Audit
  2. Project Management
  3. Project Performance Management
  4. Developing Corporate PM Methodology
  5. Establishing Project Management Office

Project Audit

Project auditing is a very useful service to projects based organisations. Through which, organization will be able to measure how effective their Project Management methodology is, and how far the project team members are complying with the methodology. During this service, Kobik consults will do the following:

  • Ensure the compliance to the Project Management methodology
  • Identify any problem with the applied methodology
  • Identify any un-managed risks.
  • Coach the project managers in complex projects.
  • Help in changing the project management culture within the organization.
  • Document the auditing results which can be used as lessons learned.

Project Management

Outsourcing Project Management is a cost effective solution for organizations which do not have the right Project Management skills to manage complex projects. Kobik consults will work closely with the customer during the project life within the following scope:

  • Proposal Evaluation
  • Contract Negation
  • Project Planning, Execution, Control and Close Out
  • Risk Management
  • Timely Reporting
  • Timely Project Meetings, like: Kick off meetings, Steering Committee Meetings, Status report Meeting, Progress Meeting.

Project Performance Management

Project Performance Management is one of the services that would be provided by the Project Manager’s office. Kobik consults is ready to do this service on behalf of the customer. This service will cover the following scope:

  • Identify the required performance baseline
  • Collect the actual project progress
  • Produce reporting dashboards to reflect the project performance in terms of:
  • Project cost variance
  • Project schedule variance
  • Project managers’ performance
  • Team members’ performance

Developing Corporate Project Management Methodology

Having identified the need for the corporate methodology, Kobik consults will work with the organization and apply the best practices to produce the most suitable methodology that fits the customer’s environment. Developing a corporate Project Management methodology will cover the following scope:

  • Study the current customer’s Project Management process.
  • Analyse the existing customer’s Project Management process.
  • Identify the current projects’ problems.
  • Develop a new PM methodology.
  • Spread the methodology awareness amongst the customer’s teams.
  • Receive any feedback and update the proposed methodology accordingly.
  • Run the necessary training for selected core team.

Establishing Project Management Office (PMO)

Once the organization has the right Project Management methodology in place and the right project team structure, the need for the Project Management Office immerge. Kobik consults will work closely with the customer to create the PMO, who will be capable of achieving the following:

  • Own the overall organization PM vision.
  • Own an overall view of the ongoing projects.
  • Introduce the proper Project Management tools.
  • Take over the runaway projects.
  • Establish risk mitigation processes.
  • Review and manage the project portfolio.
  • Conduct project reviews and audits.
  • Organize and manage the resource pool.

Transfer technology – comprehensive and integrated report of findings and recommendations, and mentoring of Company technical staff on recommendation applications.